Yellowstone Technology Solutions

Since 2007 Yellowstone Logistics has been developing software solutions for business. Yellowstone has developed proprietary TMS, warehouse management, inventory scanning & kitting solutions modules for customers needing specific tools that can be operated through their existing hand held scanners or online.

Build or Buy?

Most off-the-shelf software for warehousing and shipping was either designed for a single industry and then broadened in order to fit a general market or it was written with all markets in mind and is so large that most customers wont use 50% of what it does. 

Yellowstone Logistics has delivered custom tailored web tools to companies at a fraction of the cost to purchase and install off-the-shelf software.  Yellowstone will work with your users to find out what they do and more importantly how they may have to work around today’s systems to get their jobs done. Once the management goals and user issues are understood Yellowstone will  develop a customized piece of software that gives you all of what you need but none of what you don’t.

Case Study - Yellowstone Software approved by the U.S. Postal Service

In addition to building proprietary Transportation Management (TMS) systems and warehouse scanning solutions in 2010 Yellowstone developed version 1.0 of a web based tool aimed at eliminating paperwork and steps in the shipping of U.S. Mail from production sites of letters, catalogs and magazines. 

The tool included a job management screen for the production plant shipping personnel, a module for the USPS staff to manage postage payment and a scanning tool for the shipping floor team to scan pallet flags of shipments that were going out the production house door.

The software was audited and tested by the USPS and approved for commercial use in 2010. The software was licensed and used at hundreds of production sites until 2017 when the USPS internal web solutions included the functionality encompassed in the Yellowstone program.